Welcome to Zacosta Villa Hotel


Nikos Arvanitidis

Nikos was responsible for the design and oversaw the refurbishment of the villa hotel. He also designed various pieces of furniture that were then made by the traditional craftsmen, and additionally was responsible for the interior design (curtains bedding etc) of the villa hotel.

Nikos Arvanitidis and Partners
70 Pavlou Mela St. Rhodes, 85100 Greece
Tel: +302241036730
Fax: +302241031187
E-mail: info@arvanitidis.com

Paraskevas Avgerinos & Elias Tellis

Responsible for all of the Zacosta�s traditional woodwork which included, doors, windows, staircase, bar, coffee, dressing tables, and outdoor furniture.

Tel: +302241076172

Dimitris Kardoulias - Oistros

Design and construction of the Captains and Zacosta iron beds, lighting and side tables

Australia 114, Rhodes, 85100 Greece
Tel: +302241077719

Christos & Nikos Vizantinis

Upholstery indoor & outdoor furniture

Tel: +302241036426

Manolis Mathios

Restoration of traditional fireplaces, stone entrances, facades and plastering with traditional materials (fida petra)

Katerina Bovoleti

Hand sewn bedding linens

Praxitelous 20, Athens
Tel: +302103247568


Handcrafted light fixtures (ceiling & bedside).