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page logo Welcome to the newly renovated and expanded Zacosta Villa Hotel, one of the “freshest” additions to the Rhodes Medieval City hotel scene. We have gone to great lengths to create a property that will at the same time be true to all that the Medieval City represents and provide guests with doses of luxury and memorable experiences. Our vision together with local designers and craftsmen’s talents, our love for Greek wine and the unique environment of the hotel have created what we believe is a very special establishment in a unique setting. The aim of the Zacosta is to continually create new unique experiences. We want your stay to be as memorable as your experiences gained exploring our beautiful island.

The fusion of the unique setting, the detail and care put into the Villas restoration, the taste and attention paid to the selection of furnishings and ingredients, the unique Box51 Wine Atelier, and the service of the staff all together create a "cocktail of discreet luxury". We have gone to great lengths to achieve a balance of "understated luxury" friendly service and warm hospitality.

This is what we call the "ZACOSTA EXPERIENCE"

Come, let us pamper you, help you get away and experience new senses and tastes.

Rhodes, is an island with a unique atmosphere and style. A multicultural place with a fascinating history, of unique natural beauty and with the glory of the past and memories of the inhabitants of who characteristically say, 'when Onassis and Churchill were on holiday here, most islands did not know what tourism was’. You can feel the cosmopolitan air, experience daily life, spend your holidays as most northern Europeans lying for hours in the sun, or you can discover beauties that go unnoticed by many tourists. 
You can start your day in a traditional Greek coffee shop or in a Swedish or Finnish cafe, cool off in an English pub, enjoy your croissant in a French bistro or an ice cream in an Italian haunt.
Shop in Rhodes like in any European city, and explore the various neighborhoods. Immerse yourself in time admiring sites and monuments from ancient times, walk the medieval streets of the old city and visit the many museums on the island. Around the island you will find many interesting things to do.
Driving around Rhodes by car offers many variations in the landscape. You will discover the unique natural beauty of landscapes near the sea, or in high altitudes in dense, lush forests, or, finally lose yourself in the serpentine country roads of central Rhodes! Along the way you will see, melon fields and orchards, olive groves and vineyards, medieval castles, you will taste local wines in traditional wineries, taste the local cuisine, rest in farms and parks, have the opportunity for great walks in nature, and swim in beautiful pebble and sandy beaches.
And when the protector of the island, the sun sets, you will find many sources of pure pleasure!
Put on casual clothes and comfortable shoes and tour the town or villages, linger in taverns and bars, taste fresh fish and local produce, relax in a bar or camp out under the starry sky in one of the sprawling beaches. Otherwise, dress more sophisticated and visit the casino or other worldly spots as Mandraki, the medieval town and unique Lindos.

Rhodes is the fourth largest island after Crete, Evia and Lesvos, with an area of just over 1400 sq. km. (540 sq. miles). The perimeter of the island is 220 km (137 miles) with 1/3 is occupied by beautiful beaches. Rhodes consists of hilly natural environment with its highest point is the summit of Mount Ataviros, at 1,215 m (approx. 4,000 ft).
The climate of Rhodes had two seasons: Summer, which begins in April and lasts until November, with an average temperature of 30 °C (86 °F), while the other months the average temperature is 10 °C (50 °F). The sunshine on the island lasts more than 300 days a year. So it is not accidental that Rhodes from antiquity regarded as the island of the Sun.
Frequent rainfall and mild climate conducive to the development of large forest areas in the central hilly part of the island, with fantastic trails through orchards, vineyards, olive groves and wild forests.